The following chart summarizes Search Engine Ranking Factors in the current market. For the past 6 years, a leading research group has compiled the opinions of dozens of the world’s best and brightest search marketers. This year the panel is made up of 112 experts.

The chart below uses aggregated opinions to show the emphasis of SEO tactics based on trends and predictions. This chart is segmented into components like “page-specific features,” or “domain-level, keyword features.” These segments are displayed into three simple color-coded categories—1. Decrease Effort, 2. Maintain Effort or 3. Increase Effort.

Although this is just an example of the research we conduct, this chart you will help you understand the kinds of factors that we use to establish the marketing priorities for our clients. If you have feedback or suggestions about this information contact us by phone and we’ll discuss our SEO philosophy with you in more detail.